• Michael Steel

Covid-19 and our productions

On March 16th, we were advised by the government that people should not attend the theatre for the foreseeable future. Whilst not unexpected, the theatre industry as a whole now faces an unprecedented crisis.

This announcement came the day after the final Tiger Mum performance at VAULT Festival and, whilst we were lucky to be able to go ahead, it was with concern for what the future holds for our industry.

At this point, Edinburgh Fringe has been cancelled and with it our planned performance of Katie Bonna's The Entertainment. Development of this brilliant new dark comedy will continue, albeit remotely.

Unfortunately, Maybe This is What it Looks Like by Bobbi Byrne is also curtailed given that Battersea Arts Centre have furloughed the majority of their staff.

All of the excellent teams involved in these productions are facing an uncertain future but we are determined to be back on stage with the best new writing as soon as possible.

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